Ideal for individuals who would like to gain a few pounds of muscle or lean out by dropping a couple percentages of body fat. This program works great for serious lifters or individuals interested in bodybuilding. We ask to do a 30 minute video call with you and both trainers to learn more about you and daily nutrition habits! A 10 day food log will be needed before beginning to calculate macronutrients. The program is 12 weeks long with nutrition updated every 2 weeks. It also includes a detailed work out plan for each muscle group along with cardio (training sessions in person not included). Two 15 minute video calls are included for updates and questions along with 3 picture and text check-ins every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. On the last day of the program, we will give you one more nutrition plan for maintenance. 

Competitive package


For individuals who are interested in toning their body, tightening all muscle insertions, lowering water retention, and tightening skin. Ideal for fat loss and muscle tone! The program is 8 weeks long. Before beginning the program, we would like to have a 30 minute video call with both personal trainers present to get to know each other and find out more about your daily nutrition habits! We also ask that you send a 10 day food log tracking everything you eat in a day along with hydration levels so we can calculate current calories and macronutrients. Your nutrition plan will be updated every 4 weeks. On the last day of the program, we will give you one more nutrition plan for maintenance. Every week you will receive a 15 minute video call for questions and updates. Sunday mornings we ask that you send us progress pictures and updates of how your week went so that we can see if any changes need to be made. 

lifestyle package

Personal training sessions are 1 hour each and $65.00 per session. No membership at the gym required. The gym is called Anytime Fitness  located at 13154 Stateline Rd. Leawood, KS 66209.  Nutrition packages listed below:

personal training & nutrition

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